I am in love with my part time home San Clemente, California. When I have had enough of Los Angeles I head to my new place in Orange County. It is super chill with the coolest people who are also as nice as you can imagine. The pace is slower and there is beauty at every turn.




It was a packed house at Troubadour West Hollywood. American Idol winner David Cook rocked the house with his favorite hits and tracks off his newly released CD, Digital Vein--which debuted at No.4 on Billboard Top 200 which is Mayyyjor. He is such a cool guy. And thank you to Warner for my ticket!
My boy, Richard has the most incredible gun vault. It is totally "Homefront" and then some! We are going out to the desert to get all CSI. Yes, I am holding an Uzi. With all the school shootings I have become very pro-guns. I personally own 2 guns and feel every one should own and know how to use them. Gun control does NOT work. Its too late! 
I love the creative process. I love dreaming up concepts, playing with it until it starts to take shape. As I close out the Shattered Delusions trilogy with Somewhere in Hollywood (Due Fall 2015) I aim to close the theme with a bang. Like my other books, Somewhere in Hollywood is about dreams but with a twist. It is a very personal story for me as well and I am having so much fun writing it. As far as characters go, we have Bel Air Socialite and shoe designer, Lola Dunne. Her iconic designer husband Benjamin and their wayward sixteen year old daughter, Heaven who is, as the story opens anxious to break away from her mothers obsessive control by falling hard for Gabriel Hurtado whose father Miguel is a notorious international drug smuggler. Next we have a dangerous love story between Peyton, Luke and Brody that will become the talk of Hollywood and threaten Peyton and Luke's "Wedding of The Century" which is as politically driven as any election. There is love, lies, secrets and betrayal...
I hope you will come along for the ride!
SocialiteNation.com is a labor of love--and patience. Several years have gone by as the venture and site have sat idle waiting for the chance to re-emerge in the tech super galaxy. As I write this, two very talented, young up and coming web developers are working with me to finish the clean, classic design I have selected. It is beautiful. Every line, every word will be perfect. We will be bringing you first rate content from contributors I have hand-picked from around the world. We will "soft" launch on September 5th and make slow, important improvements leading up to New Years Ever 2016 where we will be full speed ahead! I am in a very unique position because unlike the tens of thousands of young start ups that start and stop with alarming frequency, I am bringing twenty-five years of experience across a vast landscape of fields and industries. What I don't know, I recruit the best into the team and offer them founder status. This "start-up" is one that will succeed. Stay tuned.

TV soap operas may not be as big as they once were but that hasn't stopped my life from becoming a long-running saga with no beginning, middle or end. It has been a long journey. An adventure. I am doing what I love doing. Writing. It is incredibly surreal to receive fan mail. Since the publication of Delusions of Grandeur in 2010 I have received hundreds of letters, messages and emails from fans. Many of them ask about actress Jennifer Cooke, who, in fiction became "Alexandra Bass" one half of the ill-fated couple Byron & Alexandra at the center of the tale. Others inquire as to where the story came from. What is real and what is fiction?

Well, my stock reply has always been, "Only in fiction can the truth be told."

Everything I learned about TV Soap Operas I learned on the set of Guiding Light in New York. It was a different time then. Soaps ruled television. I knew even back then I wanted to be a writer. So, using characters based on real people in my life and experiences I weaved a plot revolving around a billionaire real estate tycoon and his socialite wife, (Donald & Ivana Trump) and the star-crossed young lovers Byron & Alexandra who get swept up in a decades long mystery that keeps them apart.

Each of the four sections of Delusions of Grandeur were at one point intended to be a separate book, or one season of a primetime soap. It went through years and years of changes. It wasn't until 2007 recovering from a serious sports injury on pain medication that I pulled the manuscript out of the closet, dusted it off and rewrote it from page one.  Below you can take a brief photo history. 
The 2010 paperback edition of Delusions of Grandeur featured my friend, model, Katharina Linke by Michael Williams. The photo was meant to depict "Alexandra" in an important plot point in the story.
It was a chance meeting at Trump Tower when I met Donald & Ivana Trump. They became my inspiration for "Garrison & Ingrid Steele"
On the day one of our friends died in a tragic car accident, Jennifer learned she had won the role of Morgan on Guiding Light replacing Kristin Vigard.
Kelly & Morgan were the shows most popular couple. John Wesley Shipp is not only a great actor. He is an incredible person.
Delusions opens and closes at The All Souls Church in Stony Brook, Long Island. My home town.
When the new Guiding Light writer Pamela Long fired Jennifer and wrote Morgan out of the story, Jennifer landed the starring role on NBC's "V" I called it "Beyond This Planet" in my story.
Jennifer introduced me to Douglas Marland, one of the greatest TV soap writers of all time. I became his assistant, often staying at his palatial home. His golden advice to me: "Soap writing takes a singular focus to tell a story." He was an amazing man. When he died suddenly in 1993 I was devastated.
In true soap opera fashion, Jennifer left acting and married the founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea.
In 2014 the paperback edition of Delusions of Grandeur went out of print and was remastered and rewritten to become part of the Shattered Delusions Trilogy.
You can purchase Delusions of Grandeur here:
AMAZON KINDLE:  http://goo.gl/64lfkD
BARNES & NOBLE: http://goo.gl/7FEJGO


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