Sending everyone--regardless of faith--warm, heartfelt and spiritual wishes for peace, love, joy, health and happiness during Hanukkah 2015. I credit my faith with any and all success I have enjoyed and in the strength to continue on in my own journey. Love to everyone. #hanukkah #jewish #happyhanukkah
Who doesn't like being around beautiful women--some, like our friend Ciara Price who is a five-time Playboy Playmate Cover Girl, model and social media star. Ciara and friends will be on hand to host the annual Babes in Toyland 2015 at Avalon in Hollywood to benefit The Midnight Mission. It's beautiful people, red carpets, red velvet and a toy drive to help kids in need! What better way to spend a Wednesday evening? To get 50% off your ticket, use the VIP Code: BW when you order your ticket (s). Each guest MUST bring a toy gift with a minimum value of $25.00. Please join us and help make a difference in the life of a child and have a great time in the process! For more information: #babesintoyland2015 #CiaraPrice 
We are busy working on the Socialite Nation web platform. As with all things of quality it takes time to do it right! With all the time being put into the editing of my 3rd book, Hollywood Lovers, SN will have to come after that sometime in March. The site looks beautiful! It is clean and sharp with an art gallery vibe. We have major advertisers like Range Rover and Rolex and marketing partnerships with Apple Music and Essence ph10 Water. The Mobile App will have shopping links and information for everything we feature. In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we are posting fresh content daily in anticipation of our launch in 2016. 
If you really want to hear me scream just happen to be at one of the outlet stores such as my second home, Nordstrom Rack when, to my exuberance, I come across a pair of rare Converse in my size of 12. Such was the case when I found these just in time for fall--with fall colors and for only 29.99! (instead of $90.00 at the Converse Store in Santa Monica) I am ashamed to admit that I have over 25 pairs of sneakers now and counting. 
We are deep in the trenches of make-believe finishing my third book, now titled, "Hollywood Lovers" It is the final installment of the Shattered Delusions Trilogy. Three books in six years isn't bad but compared to other writers I am like the Turtle! Delusions of Grandeur began in 1978, Ocean Drive, picks back up in 1989 and Hollywood Lovers is happening in real time so to speak. The big Hollywood "Wedding of the Century" between Peyton and Luke takes place on Valentines Day February 14, 2016--the same day the book is released on Kindle, Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble Nook. As of this writing I am still not sure the fate of these characters as they are doing and saying things I didn't originally plan. As is always the case, once the stage is set, things often take unexpected turns. As with my first two books, "Hollywood Lovers" has a shocking twist ending to conclude the series once and for all.

Onwards, I am anxious to begin my next series set in America's heartland. Small towns have big stories and big secrets and I am anxious to get to that. I also am completing the novella, "A Date With Jackie" and my memoir, "Average Joe".
I am in love with my part time home San Clemente, California. When I have had enough of Los Angeles I head to my new place in Orange County. It is super chill with the coolest people who are also as nice as you can imagine. The pace is slower and there is beauty at every turn.



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It was a packed house at Troubadour West Hollywood. American Idol winner David Cook rocked the house with his favorite hits and tracks off his newly released CD, Digital Vein--which debuted at No.4 on Billboard Top 200 which is Mayyyjor. He is such a cool guy. And thank you to Warner for my ticket!
My boy, Richard has the most incredible gun vault. It is totally "Homefront" and then some! We are going out to the desert to get all CSI. Yes, I am holding an Uzi. With all the school shootings I have become very pro-guns. I personally own 2 guns and feel every one should own and know how to use them. Gun control does NOT work. Its too late! 

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